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Sports Training for Kids & Teens in Jupiter, FL: What Are My Options?

Are you looking for sports training for kids or teens in Jupiter, Florida? You can read about some of your options in this detailed overview.

Reports show that around 30 million kids take part in sports within the U.S. each year.

With the growing popularity of involving kids in sports, children may develop interests in more than one sport. Other kids take an interest in one sport in particular. Either way, sports is a great way to be outside, get sun, make friends and develop relationships, learn about teamwork and hard work, and develop skills and their athleticism.

One way to help your kid become to discover the depths of their skills is to take them to a sports coach.

Here, we'll show you why sports training for kids is a great way to help them get more involved in the sport and develop their athleticism. This can help them grow in confidence and improve their skills to become the best they can be when playing their chosen sport.

But first, let's look at what sports training is.

What Is Sports Training?

To unlock and develop athleticism, we need to lay down the ground work and foundation to do so. We have to be consistent in training both in the general physical preparedness (GPP) and sport specific physical preparedness (Sport SPP) realms.

An example of this would be training with a coach to get stronger in the gym (squats, deadlifts, etc.) so that they can be stronger on the field. Whereas that same athlete will train with a position coach to be better at the specific skills required of their sport.

Sports training purposefully combined with a solid strength and conditioning program can help accelerate the skills and athleticism required of the sport your child wants to play.

A good sports trainer will support your kid and provide training techniques that will not only help them excel within their sport but it will also help them remain fit and healthy kids while greatly reducing their risk of injury.

A good strength & conditioning and sports training program will help develop the necessary "body armor", musculature, and resiliency required for specific sports.

Training for both general physical preparedness and sport-specific training is the number one way to give your kid the best chance to develop their athletic abilities, strength, and conditioning.

The Benefits of Sports Training for Kids

By taking them to a qualified sports trainer, you're assured that they're in the right hands for them to progress to the best level they can.

Here are some of the benefits that come with a kids sports training program:

  • Helps them reach their goal weight and gets them in the best shape possible ahead of the season

  • Allows them to stay fit in the off-season so that they are well prepared when the season restarts and competition returns

  • Trains them to understand correct strength training principles early on so that they gain confidence within a gym or fitness setting

  • Improves strength, flexibility, and conditioning, making them less prone to injury

  • Can allow your kid to maintain a high level of performance all year round through one on one coaching, accountability, and support

But that's not the only benefit of working with a coach. A good trainer will also help develop the intangibles. Here's a look at some of the other areas a good sports trainer will help develop outside of a training program:

  • Mental toughness. Sports require mental fortitude. Learning to win with humility and lose with grace. Losing teaches you lessons and a good trainer will help develop the attitude for both winning and losing.

  • Confidence. Qualified trainers will not only develop mental toughness but also confidence. Confidence to perform at their best. Giving the best effort every time no matter the outcome. You will always be able to hold your head up high and know you did everything in your power to be your best and give your best.

  • Integrity. Winning isn't everything. Hard work is important. Understanding the difference between winning, losing, and cheating.

  • Teaching & Guidance. All of this to say that these lessons will help teach and guide your child to face not only the field / court / arena of their chosen sport, but also of life.

With the right care and attention from a sports coach, you'll see them flourish while they reap all the benefits of both strength and conditioning and sport-specific training.

What’s Involved in Sport-Specific Training?

There is a lot that goes into sports training. Understanding the desired sport, skills required of that sport, current and potential athleticism of the athlete are just some of the elements that go into developing a strength and conditioning and sports specific training program.

AC Fitness & Sports Training for Kids and Teenagers

At AC Fitness & Sports Training, we assess and develop the right program that will serve youth athletes across a wide range of sports.

Coach Arlan leads theses programs and has a wealth of experience coaching athletes of all levels, from the novice to the professional. Arlan provides sports training options for kids from the age of 10 and up.

Here's what you can expect when enrolling your kid in an AC Fitness & Sports Training program:

  • Personalized training to help your kid develop their skills and reach their goals

  • Accountability coaching to help them adhere to their training plan

  • Consistently assessing and tracking to check in with how your child progresses

When your child receives detailed coaching with the right level of attention, you set them up for success.

Florida Sports Training Options for Kids and Teenagers

If you're looking for a coaching facility with a good reputation, AC Fitness & Sports Training is a great option within the Jupiter, FL, area.

Here are the different training options AC Fitness & Sports Training offers for your kids and teenagers:

1:1 Sports Training

With one-on-one personal training, your kid can expect to receive Coach Arlan's full attention during sessions. With one-on-one training, a coach can give a greater level of detail, care, and attention to your kid. Not only can this foster deeper connections and more quality training, but it can also reduce the chances of your kid getting injured too.

Small Group and Entire Team Training

Small group and entire team training are great options that allow your kid and other team members to join together and train.

When kids train together, they can form better relationships. Good team chemistry can lead to an overall improvement in the team's performance, producing better results.

In-Person and Other Communication Options

While training at the facility, Arlan will be right on hand, providing tips, guidance, and supporting your kid or team as they work through sessions.

Text and email support is also used so that communication and coaching can extend beyond training within the gym. Since the sessions with Arlan are limited in time, the additional support outside the gym can help encourage and keep your kid accountable to stay on track with training plans.

Take Your Child's Development to the Next Level

Here, we've shared with you what's involved in sports training for kids and what the benefits are of taking your kid to a sports facility to train.

It's time to take your kid's sports skills and athleticism to the next level. Schedule your free consultation with Arlan to find out how your kid can become the best they can be at their sport and improve their success along the way.

With years of experience, you'll know your kid will be in the right hands to help them develop, grow, and excel within their sport.

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